Coach Don Gregory came to the Southwestern University in 1998 and from the moment he stepped onto campus he has been a leader and inspiration to his colleagues and students. Coach Gregory can be seen riding his bicycle each day to campus and around town. He has a passion for soccer as the Men’s Soccer Coach but he also has a passion for learning, teaching and bettering the community around him.

Coach Gregory has been a mentor to a young Georgetown ISD student from elementary through High School graduation this year at East View. He has already started mentoring another student for the next year. In addition to mentoring, Don volunteers weekly at the Caring Place. Don interest in helping goes beyond the classroom. He organized a group of students (Paideia) to provide food to the needy on Valentine’s Day resulting in over $3,000.00 worth of food and drink to the Caring Place and the Eagle Locker. During a Spring Break session, Coach Don Gregory and members of his Men’s Soccer Team journeyed to El Salvador to distribute uniforms, balls, and other items while holding soccer clinics for low-income neighborhoods. Before the group left, Coach Gregory stated:

“We want our student-athletes to experience the tremendous reward found in contributing to the larger humanistic cause.”

This experience set a blueprint for the international sports opportunities at Southwestern allowed through the NCAA. Coach Don Gregory is also involved with supporting “The Locker” program as he serves as a liaison between the Southwestern Students and the high school program. He has been instrumental in helping guide the students on how they can be involved. He helped establish the “One Swipe” program to help provide funding for “The Locker” and The Caring Place where students, faculty, and staff give up one meal in the cafeteria and the funds are then donated and matched by Sudexo to provide food to both of these programs. Don will periodically place yellow lockers in different locations around campus as reminders to students about those in need. In addition, Coach Gregory helped “The Locker” leadership establish the “Reindeer Run” as an annual fundraiser each December.

Coach Don Gregory also serves on the Board of Director for the Boys and Girls Club in Georgetown. He volunteers regularly with the Boys and Girls Club and brings them to Southwestern’s campus during school break for some added activities. Coach Gregory also established the Pirate PI-Tri-Athlon to raise funds for the yellow bike program on campus. This fun event includes a short swim in the campus pool, a pirate bike loop around the campus, and finishes with a run around the campus. One of Coach Gregory’s co-workers commented: “With his humble spirit, quiet determination and witty sense of humor, Coach Don Gregory has cultivated many long-lasting relationships. He is more than just a Southwestern Professor and Coach. He is a man of integrity and a believer in service who is passionate about his work and the Georgetown Community.”

The SERTOMA of Georgetown is honored to name Coach Don Gregory as our “Service to Mankind” Award Recipient for 2017.