SERTOMA’s primary service project is assisting the more than 50 million American people with speech, hearing and language disorders.

Georgetown SERTOMA is dedicated to helping the people in Williamson County by providing resources for testing, treatment, and equipment to help with hearing disorders. We have partnerships with Georgetown GISD and with UT Speech and Hearing Center.

SERTOMA started a program called SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycling Program). Our club has 8 collection centers for collection of hearing aids that are then recycled through a program at the University of Texas Speech and Hearing Center.

Persons with hearing problems have been helped through the installation of “looping” systems in the City of Georgetown City Council Chambers and City Library meeting rooms. This induction loop technology donated by Georgetown Sertoma and Estes Audiology allows persons to use modern digital hearing aids equipped with a telecoil (t-coil) to hear better. Sound is transmitted wirelessly from a microphone to a persons’ hearing aid. Additional locations are in the planning stages.