Speech & Hearing

Sertoma’s primary service project is assisting people with speech, hearing and language disorders.

The Georgetown Sertoma Club is dedicated to helping those in need within Georgetown ETJ by providing resources for testing, treatment, and equipment to improve hearing.


Sertoma started a program called SHARP (Sertoma Hearing Aid Recycle Program) that has grown nationwide. Our local club has 7 hearing aid collection centers in the area. These collection locations include:

  • Georgetown Public Library
  • Advanced Hearing Solutions
  • Hill Country Audiology
  • Connect Hearing
  • Sun City Activity Center
  • Ramsey Funeral Home
  • Cook Walden Funeral Home

We work closely with the University of Texas Speech & Hearing Center and Hearing Charities of America to test and evaluate patients that we refer. We also work closely with local audiologists and hearing centers and hearing dispensers to help those in need.

Our Georgetown Club has been a pioneer in the installation of several “looping” systems in our community. This induction loop technology enables those withering aids equipped with a t-coil to improve hearing quality. The Georgetown Public Library meeting rooms¬†and the Palace Theatre are equipped with Sertoma sponsored looping systems. In addition, portable desktop loops are installed at the City Service Center and WILCO Tax Office.

Our Club has also provided hearing equipment and software to GISD schools, Lone Star Circle of Care, St. David’s ¬†Hospital and Ride on Center for Kids (ROCK).